"After Lyco Works asked just a few incisive technical questions, it became clear that we needed to rethink where the technology could be utilized.”

—Pete Canalichio
CEO at Brand Licensing Expert

Advanced BioFuel Technology Available for License or Sale.

June 2nd, 2012

Lyco Works has been engaged to provide technical and marketing support in the licensing of some great patented biofuel technology developed in Chile.  The technology is especially applicable for improving the efficiency of fast pyrolysis type reactors, but may also have applicability in syn-gas production for Fischer-Tropsch process fuels.  More details in the blog.  Reach out if interested.

Bio-Diesel from Flash-Pyrolysis of Wood Chips:  Technology Overview

This patent pending technology relates to an equipment configuration and a method of producing bio-diesel in high yield from wood chips and sawdust, developed by researchers over several years at a prestigious South American University.  The researchers have developed a system that optimizes reactor heat usage by means of concentric and serial reaction chamber configurations.  A re-usable inorganic particulate fluidized bed configuration further assists the rapid pyrolysis process.

Biofuel yield prior to purification may be as high as 75% w/w under optimum conditions.  Charcoal and syn-gas by-products are used as heating fuel to further increase efficiency.  Purification of the initial biofuel is necessary to ensure fuel shelf life and end use compatibility.

The technology provider estimates that a plant could be built with a capital investment of US $24MM that could process 100 ton of wood chips per day into purified fuel at a cost of between US $85 – $90 per barrel.  This compares favorably to a heating oil commodity pricing, currently in excess of US $110 per barrel.

The following technology transfer package has been made available for license or sale:

  • Published US patent applications as well as international counterparts, any related applications, and future issued patents.
  • A pilot scale plant (25 kg per hour) currently located in Chile – for negotiated use, lease, or transfer
  • Technical laboratory equipment trial reports & raw data for review (post CDA)
  • Economic projections (post CDA)
  • Consulting with inventors and researchers during the transfer period.


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