"After Lyco Works asked just a few incisive technical questions, it became clear that we needed to rethink where the technology could be utilized.”

—Pete Canalichio
CEO at Brand Licensing Expert

Chemistry Conference in Atlanta

June 24th, 2013

I do enjoy a bit of marketing every now and then!  Lyco Works is proud to be working as publicity chair for the South East Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS2013), as well as Secretary of the conference planning committee.  It’s going to be a good conference as we are expecting at least 2,500 attendees.  Abstracts for presentations are already flowing in through the website portal, consistent with the conference theme of “Building Chemical Bonds – Academia – Industry – Government”   Included in the program is a chemical patent workshop – which comes at an interesting time as the US switched from a First-to-Invent to a First-to-File system earlier this year.

Attached is the call for papers that we recently drafted and published in the Chemical and Engineering News, containing program, venue and other details.

SERMACS 2013 Call for Papers – C&EN Article

Hope to see some of you there!

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