"After Lyco Works asked just a few incisive technical questions, it became clear that we needed to rethink where the technology could be utilized.”

—Pete Canalichio
CEO at Brand Licensing Expert

Patenting Human Experiences

September 10th, 2016


Jason has a publication coming out in the November / December edition of IAM Magazine.  The thesis of the 5,000 word paper is that:

  • it is possible to patent protect human experiences induced by a product or service, and
  • that there are lots of examples in the patent literature, including visual sensations, auditory, and tactile experiences,
  • that patenting the human experience can add another layer of protection to your new product or service
  • patenting the human experience can raise the bar from a technological point of view making it harder for your competitors to follow you.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the article!screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-38-40-am

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