“As co-chairs of the Atlanta IP Think Tank, Lyco Works and C-Synergies coordinated some of the nation’s leading IP experts and delivered thought-provoking recommendations for future IP policy, and new IP legal framework development needed for emerging new technologies.”

—Scott Frank, Chair of the Georgia Tech and GA State University IP Advisory Boards.

“Ours is a very conservative business. We wanted to offer a DNA preservation service to our customers, but first we needed to confirm that the science was legitimate and reliable. Lyco Works conducted due diligence and validated the technology for us.”

—Simon & Anne Beckett-Allen, owners, Rosedale Funeral Homes Ltd.

Our Services Fall Into Two Main Categories:

Intellectual Property Strategies and Solutions, including business development and contract negotiation, gap analysis, and brand/patent licensing back-room services, and

Technical Consulting, which includes new product development, problem solving, scouting, and open innovation.

Intellectual Property Strategies and Solutions:

  • IP strategy development and enterprise roll-out
  • Trade Secret security audit
  • Patent protecting human experiences
  • Technology Trajectory and patent landscape analysis
  • Technology scouting & competitive intelligence
  • Licensing and valuation
  • Patent design around
  • Contract negotiation
  • IP Think Tank execution
  • Due diligence

Technical Consulting:

  • New product design, development, manufacturing, and commercialization
  • Ideation and Think Tank facilitation
  • Materials science
  • Textiles: structured and nonwovens
  • Chemistry and chemical problem solving
  • Coatings, printing, and Inks
  • Color and Coloration Technology
  • Color physics, vision, & perception
  • Technical problem solving
  • Dyes, pigments, paints, plastics
  • Technical due diligence